Masks the scratches on your car

How do I mask the scratches on my vehicle using the sticker?

That's very easy. Listen carefully to the instructions in the movie below and click here to order stickers now.

• Not only private individuals can purchase stickers; car companies, car leasing companies, car rental companies, car dealers, taxi companies, touring car companies, government companies, truck companies, camper companies, shipyards, aircraft industry etc. can also place orders.

• We can supply you with stickers in the original colour of the New York taxi.

• Did you know that we can make stickers for your brand new vehicle, for your old vehicle, your classic car, your sportscar, your oldtimer, your youngtimer, your taxi,  delivery van, caravan, camper, truck, tractor, touring car, ship, aircraft and so on?  You simply have to give us the original colour code or send us a part of your vehicle The surface must have a minimum of 1.5 x 1.5 inches and must be flat.  FAQ

• We can supply more than 800.000 different colours.

• We use only the very best tools and materials to make your product.

• Did you know that we send your stickers FREE of charge  to more than 120 countries.

• You're save on our website. SSL encryption protects all your credit card data.


If you order three or more sticker sheets, irrespective of size and model (be same colour), you will receive the knife or tweezers as a FREE GIFT. You can also order these extremely handy tools separately, FREE of charge.

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