We have the solution for your scratch, stone chip or minor damage to your vehicle, to mask the scratch

The most innovative solution against scratches in car paint: using our scratch repair set you can easily repair any scratch easily and quickly. It occurs to almost every car owner: a deep scratch in the paint or stone chips. It detracts appearance of the vehicle and provides lots of annoyance and frustration to the owner. Repainting the paint is a big expense. From now on, you can save these costs. By covering the scratches with our special stickers provided in the paint repair set, in the exact colour of the car.


Car Scratch Repair set - uncomplicated removal and repair of scratches on your car using our stickers

Parking damage, children playing basketball in the neighbourhood of your car, stone chips occuring on the highway when a truck drives by, or driving off-road through the jungle. There are many causes of an ugly looking scratch. But these scratches can be easily removed using our car scratch repair stickers. Simply slice the sticker in the appropriate colour of your car on top of the scratch, and the scratch is gone. It has never been so easy!

Your benefits at AutoStickerOriginal:
  • These stickers are only available with us!
  • Suitable for any brand and colour of car and various other vehicles (unfortunately no motorcycles)
  • Sheets and stickers available in 15 different sizes
  • Free shipping worldwide

Order car paint stickers in the exact colour of your vehicle

Almost any car brand has its own colour codes. They may even vary per year and car model. It's important to know the exact colour of your car, there are easy of ways to get the exact colour of your car.

You can find a chassis number in the vehicle registration certificates. Call your dealer, give him the chassis number, and ask if he can give you the color code of this particular vehicle. The dealer is able to provide the exact colour code of your vehicle.

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Easy repair of scratches and car paint damage!

You can remove large and small scratches from your vehicle with the car paint repair kit. Use our special accessories for cutting the sticker in any desired shape or length with a razor-sharp knife like a professional.

  1. Gently polish the spot where the scratch is located. Ensure the spot is clean and free of filth.
  2. Choose the right car paint repair sticker from the sheet, and cut it in the desired shape using the razor-sharp knife.
  3. Gently push the sticker exactly on the right place using the tweezers).
  4. Firmly press the surface of the sticker on the paint!

The car paint repair kit became world famous, because it makes use of real original paint. It is even possible to remove the smallest scratches by applying the special small stickers dedicated for small damages on the sheet. Quick and easy repair of car damages and scratches will always succeed with the help of AutoStickerOriginal!

The car paint repair kit has proved to the world first, and uses real paint. it is even possible to remove very small scratches and paint damage to the car with the right paint sticker in the correct size and color. Quick and easy repair paintwork done with Car Sticker Original!

Watch the clip to find out how AutoStickerOriginal works.

How do I find out the colour code of my vehicle, truck, delivery van, camper, touringcar, oldtimer, etc.?

Your original vehicle papers will contain your chassis number (identification number). Call your car dealer and request if he can give you the colour code of your vehicle. The dealer will request the chassis number of your vehicle, please inform him of this. The dealer will be able to immediately inform you of the colour code of your vehicle.

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