Covering licence plate holes

Covering ugly licence plate holes with car-coloured stickers

Anyone who wants to attach the right, individual number plate to the vehicle they have bought is often confronted with ugly holes in the paintwork. These logs from the previous number plates, which were probably somewhat larger when their actual number plates and possibly also positioned differently. It's clear that such holes are so good to those who want to cover up and thus make themselves invisible. AutoStickerOriginal has a solution for you that is as practical as it is professional: car stickers in the car colour of all known vehicle models that could easily be stuck over the previously filled screw hole.


Unlike paint damage caused by scratches or stone chips, which are due to clumsiness or bad luck, the "disfigurements" caused by licence plate holes result from the non-uniformity of possible licence plate formats in German According to Annex 4 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance, the following dimensions are permitted or prescribed in this country:

  • single-line number plate: Maximum width: 520 mm, height: 110 mm.
  • Two-line number plate: Maximum width: 340 mm, for two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles 280 mm, height: 200 mm.
  • Reduced two-line number plate: Maximum width: 255 mm, height: 130 mm.

When licence plates are changed - usually at the change of ownership - shells of ugly holes appear more often than expected, depending on which format the new owner prefers. In any case, it is understandable that they would like to cover up what they have left behind in the long term.

If licence plates leave holes, you can cover them permanently thanks to us.

Of course, such a covering should be done as professionally as possible without requiring too much effort or causing unnecessary costs. An important aspect is also that the stickers with which YOU cover the holes caused by the old number plates should exactly match the respective car colour. Especially in this respect, you should make use of the very wide range of products offered by AutoStickerOriginal: We can provide YOU with paint stickers in all colour codes of all known manufacturers and car models for refinement. If you are unsure of your own colour code, you can find out from your car dealer on the same basis as the chassis number listed in the vehicle registration document.  


What else to look out for when sealing the holes in the licence plate holder

We would like to point out that it is usually not sufficient to simply tape over the holes caused by the screws of the special number plates. Before covering the holes, they should also be professionally filled with a suitable filler. When doing this, beware of conventional silicone, which could cause problems if the paintwork is repaired later. It is better to use a fast-curing plastic adhesive. If you use it to fill in the licence plate holes from the inside and then smooth out the external excess with a plastic scraper, everything can be covered wonderfully with our sticker in the original colour. This also applies, by the way, IF, for example, you do not want to paint the parking sensors, but simply stick them over in a convincing colour. We also provide professional help with these and other problems.


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